Ressource en ligne : Avini Collection sur la guerre Iran-Iraq (1980-1988)

The Avini book and film collection is now available for those who are interested to do research on Iran-Iraq war (1980-88). You can find all related information by following this link:

The Avini Collection is a fully academic and university-based research collection which includes 1,000 books and 100 films (both documentary and fiction) on different topics and angles vis-à-vis the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988). This collection is based in the main library of the University of St Andrews and is be open to all academia for their research projects.

All the material in this collection comes from the official and generous donations of different governmental and semi-governmental research centers and institutions within Iran.  All books and most of the documentary films are in the Persian language; however, most of the fictions films are in Persian with English and French subtitles.

The aim of the creation of this collection is to create a fully academic bridge between researchers working in this field within and outside Iran. 20 years after the end of this war, no serious comparative and interdisciplinary research has yet been undertaken on this topic.
The book collection includes topics such as:

–       The political history of the Imposed War;
–       The biography of Iranian army leaders (martyred);
–       Memoirs of Iranian captives in Iraq;
–       Memoirs of Iraqi captives in Iran;
–       Memoirs of martyrs’ wives and families about their beloved;
–       Bibliography and index of books and articles regarding the Iran-Iraq war;
–       The day-to-day calendar of the Iran-Iraq war;
–       Photo collections regarding the Iranian war fronts and martyrs;
–       Novels, stories, and poems about war;
–       Martyrs’ testimonies.

We are grateful to many researchers within Iran who helped us in this project. Special thanks go to: A.Kamarei, M. Sarhangi, H. Davoudabadi, N. Samadzadeh, N. Talebzadeh and H. Valinejad.

Morteza Avini (1947–1993) was a distinguished Iranian documentary filmmaker and reporter of the Iran-Iraq war. Avini was killed on 9 April 1993 by a landmine while making a documentary about the missing soldiers in the former war fronts of southwestern Iran.

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