Appel à communications : 3rd research conference “The world of Islam : History, Society, Culture”, Moscou (Russie), 22-24/04/2014 — LIMITE : 01/05/2014

The All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature (LFL) in collaboration with the Mardjani Foundation (MF) are organizing the Third International Research Conference which will take place at LFL in Moscow on 22-24 October 2014.

The first conference “The World of Islam” was inaugurated by the MF in 2007. It took place at the Russian State University for Humanities. The second conference was held in the People’s Friendship University of Russia in 2010. Both research meetings gathered specialists on Islamic and Russian studies from leading Russian and foreign university centers. They considered a wide range of problems related to inter-regional and inter-disciplinary study of Islamic cultural and theological legacy, past and present development of Muslim societies, as well as methodological and organizational issues of Islamic studies at the age of modern globalization. Initially it was decided to make disciplinary scope of the conference as wide as possible to enable productive inter-disciplinary dialogue between historians, anthropologists, sociologists, philologists, philosophers, political scientists and other specialists involved in the study of Muslim societies throughout the world whose interests are close to the research repertoire examined in the conferences.

Reaching its third conference “The World of Islam” aims

  • to foster high-quality, original and innovative research, both theoretical and empirical, in history and across the social sciences on key topics related to Islam and Muslim societies;
  • to cover all Muslim regions as widely as possible with topics related to Islam, including their mutual relationships and relations with Russia’s Muslims;
  • to focus on historical, cultural, economic and socio-political issues;
  • to enable research collaboration between specialists in related fields of human and social sciences whose study focuses on Islam;
  • to encourage publication and dissemination of this research in edited volumes, thematic issues of learned journals, and the “The World of Islam” Working Papers.

Working languages are Russian, English and Arabic. There will be no translation or interpretation services available.


The “The World of Islam” 2014 consists of 8 workshops. Each workshop is directed by one-two or three workshop directors and on average includes 20 participants. The participants of each workshop meet in four sessions for a total of approximately fourteen hours over two days. They discuss papers, general topics, ways to publish the papers, and how to continue collaborative efforts. Plenary and social events are organised during the MRM. In addition, two or three more thematic round tables might be held during the conference. The eventual list of workshops and round tables will be available on the Mardjani Foundation website by February 20 2014.

Applications for listening participants are now open.

Deadline: 1 May 2014.

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