Colloque : “Alternative Enlightenments ?” — Reid Hall, Paris, 07-08/03/2014

Capture d’écran 2014-02-26 à 17.09.32Friday, 7th March

14:20 Introduction

14:30-16:00  The Mystical and Enlightenment

  • Jan Loop (Kent, History), ‘Islamic Enlightenment’
  • Ziad Elmarsafy (York, English), ‘Massignon’s Enlightenment’
  • Caroline Rooney (Kent, English), ‘Animism, Sufism, Enlightenment’

16:00-16:30  Coffee and tea

16:30-18:00   Sexuality, Gender, Enlightenment

  • Marine Ganofsky (St Andrews, French): ‘Gods and Libertines: Religion in French Libertine Literature’
  • Declan Kavanagh (Kent, English): ‘Enlightenment Closets’
  • Kim Simpson (Kent, English): ‘Amatory Fiction and Enlightenment’


Saturday, 8th March

10:15-11:15 Gender, Sexuality, Enlightenment

  • Jenny di Placidi (Kent, English): ‘Gothic Enlightenments’
  • James Fowler (Kent, French): ‘Shaftesbury and Diderot on Gender, Sex, and Virtue’

11:15-11:45 Coffee and tea                    

11:45-13:15  Commerce and Cosmopolitanism: Globalising the Enlightenment?

  • Will Pettigrew (Kent, History): ‘An Enlightened Trade? The Civil Rights of English Slave Traders’
  • Donna Landry (Kent, English): ‘Evliya Çelebi (1611-c.1685) and Ottoman Enlightenment?’
  • Gerald MacLean (Exeter, English): ‘Evliya, Kant, Derrida: Versions of Hospitality’

13:15-15:00  Lunch

15:00-17:15 Science, Empire, Improvement, Enlightenment , followed by a General Discussion of the Ideas Raised and Future Plans

  • Peter Kitson (UEA, English): ‘China, Enlightenment Science, and the Macartney Embassy to China, 1792-94’
  • Pratik Chakrabarti (Kent, History), ‘Enlightenment’s Forgotten Other: The Story of Asclepias curassavica (Jamaican Blood flower)’
  • Robbie Richardson (Kent, English), ‘First Nations, the Indian Atlantic and Enlightenment’
  • Rajani Sudan (Southern Methodist University, English): ‘The Making of a Province: Mortar, Materia, and the Problem of Madras’

17:15-18:00  Coffee and tea


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