CSID-Tunisia’s 3rd Annual Conference, “The Democratic Transition in Tunisia: Accomplishments & Challenges” — Tunis, Tunisie, 28-29/03/2014

CSID-Tunisia’s 3rd Annual Conference (Tunis, Tunisia). CSID-Tunisia is pleased to announce that it will be holding its Third Annual Conference in Tunis, Tunisia on Friday and Saturday, March 28-29, 2014.  The main theme of this conference will be”The Democratic Transition in Tunisia: Accomplishments & Challenges.” Over 200-300 international experts, scholars, politicians, and democracy activists are expected to attend this international conference, from Tunisia and from outside Tunisia, to shed light on the main issues and challenges facing Tunisia and the rest of the post-revolutionary Arab Spring countries, and to discuss lessons learned from democratic transitions in other countries.  The conference will last two days, and registration is required.  Keynote invited speakers, and a more detailed program will be announced by the end of January. CSID_Tunisia_conference2014@islam-democracy.org.

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