Symposium “Aesthetic and Symbolic Dimensions of Arabic Writing” — Oxford, 4-5 July 2024

International Symposium
Aesthetic and Symbolic Dimensions of Arabic Writing
New Perspectives on Manuscripts, Epigraphy, and Numismatics 

As the disciplines of Islamic history and Arabic palaeography make steady progress, many questions concerning the aesthetic and symbolic dimensions of Arabic writing remain unanswered. This symposium will bring together fourteen scholars working on Arabic calligraphy, epigraphy, palaeography, numismatics, and diplomatics in different regions of Afro-Eurasia, from the seventh to the sixteenth centuries.

The aim is to showcase brand new research on a wide range of artifacts (Qurʾanic manuscripts, chancery documents, monumental epigraphy, inscribed objects, coins…), grounded in material evidence but also engaged with textual sources (historiography, biographical dictionaries, philosophical treatises, fatwas and legal compendia, chancery manuals, adab…).

Wolfson College, University of Oxford

4–5 July 2024

À retrouver sur le site du Khalili Research Centre de l’Université d’Oxford

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