Basarudin, Azza & Shaikh, Khanum (dir.), Dossier “Scholar, Mentor, Activist: Sondra Hale’s Transnational Feminist Commitments”, Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies, vol. 10, n°1, hiver 2014

Guested edited by Azza Basarudin and Khanum Shaikh, this special issue entitled “Scholar, Mentor, Activist: Sondra Hale’s Transnational Feminist Commitments” aims to highlight the seminal contributions of Professor Sondra Hale to the fields of anthropology, gender studies, Middle East studies, Sudan studies, and African studies. It hopes to provide a glimpse into the personal and the political dimensions of Sondra Hale’s lifelong love and commitment for feminist intellectual pursuits and social justice struggles locally and transnationally.



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